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The Austie Strong Purpose

Thank you for your donations, your support and your positive impact on our community. Here are the four ways we are able to extend our collaborative arms throughout Kansas City: 

Donations are used to help fund Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) research at Children's Mercy Hospital. We are able to donate specific amounts to Children's that go straight to this department -
not one penny is given to fund corporation costs. We are proud to support the hospital that has done so much for us and for other families in all areas of children's health and research, but especially the oncology department.
Read more about Children's Mercy by clicking on the Research icon.
Being admitted to the hospital in an instant while trying to digest the news of your child having cancer is, to say the least, incredibly scary and overwhelming. This shock calls for something tangible and comforting in the stark and sterile hospital room that will be your home for the next several days, weeks, or months. This is why we have created Parent Bags, containing cozy towels, toiletries and other items to offer the slightest bit of comfort to their new normal.
Learn more and help create them by clicking on the Parent Bags icon.
We are able to contribute to another local organization created in 2009 by one of the amazing families we have met along our journey, Supporting Kids Foundation. Their motto is "making sure parents remain focused on being by their child's side during treatment and not worrying about bills that pile up at home." We couldn't have said it better, and are honored to be a part of this helping hand in our great Kansas City community.
Visit the Supporting Kids Foundation site by clicking on the SKF icon.
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