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Fighting childhood cancer for Austie and so many others


September 2013 is a month forever etched in our memories. The night Austin was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia still haunts me as the emotions of fear, sadness and heartache were almost more than I could bear at the time. I remember Austin’s horrifically painful screams as he was poked and prodded, I remember a nurse literally lifting me off the ER floor after they told me, and I will never forget Brice and I making a vow, stronger than the day of our wedding, that this would not tear us or our family apart.


My baby and our family have endured some tremendously difficult days since then, but also with that, have experienced more love and support than we knew would be possible. The kindness of our community has helped us in more ways than I will ever be able to thank, and that is why we are determined to pay it forward and show the support that once kept us afloat.

Austie finished his treatment on Christmas Day, 2016, and he and his twin brother Jack are ready to take on the world as if it was all a dream. This foundation is a celebration of Austin’s strength, a way to recognize the gratitude of healthy children and an opportunity to help make a difference in some of the hardest days for families dealing with childhood cancer. 

Austie 2013

Austie 2017

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